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tips to improve the performance of your PC

working with a computer optimally means that we have to pay attention to the performance of the PC. The first thing if we want to do something in our business has to be to optimize our work environment to

Companies may have difficulties meeting the needs of multiple computers in the company, which requires technical knowledge in computing and time that is not always available. In this article we give you some tips that can help you.

Tips to improve the performance of a PC

Some of these tasks may be a more optimal solution than buying a computer every time we see that it performs poorly, is very slow, or presents difficulties for the development of work:

  1. Check the running programs. Press control + alt + delete, go to the “processes” tab and check what is running. Sometimes the PC is slow because many applications are running at the same time and it may have little RAM. End the processes you don’t need.
  1. Eliminate viruses and Trojans. If viruses, Trojans, or spyware have entered your PC on occasion, it is likely to happen again. Get a good antivirus, do a scan and eliminate or put forty infections. If you have installed one that slows down your PC too much, consider getting another one that works better for you.
  2. Increase the RAM. Many computers were purchased when the business started and have not been updated since then. If you think there is no need to invest in new PCs, you should at least increase the RAM.
  3. Don’t work with very heavy programs. If your computer is not prepared to support the execution of certain programs, such as video, you can do several things. Change your video card and increase the RAM, or look for other software more adapted to the hardware you have.
  4. Clean your browser from trash. Many times what affects PC performance is only the plugins that have been installed in the browser, sometimes quite dangerous and sometimes just annoying. If you are not sure of the “toolbars” you have downloaded, go to Tools> Firefox Add-ons, or Google Chrome plugins, and delete what you don’t need.
  5. Use a less heavy operating system. Working with Windows Vista can be extremely uncomfortable on some PCs. If you have computers with this OS and 1GB of RAM, it is better to upgrade to Windows 7, or even go back to XP, which took less.
  6. Empty your PC. If you are covering all the available space on your hard disk, you will be taking out informational signs that there is no memory space. If you have problems saving files, you can save them in the cloud with a backup and then download what you need.

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