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primary causes of slow computer

how to eliminate these common managers who slow down

Most of us have observed that the longer we use our computers, &theythe slower. In fact, the problem is so common that people assume it is inevitable and that it’s just part of a natural “aging process” of computers


But the reality is that your computer does not get slower due to ening its components rather, the root causes of performance degradation are almost always related to a key set of common problems that can be easily solved with the appropriate tools.

What causes low performance?

Threcksafter extensive research and multiple tests, iolo Labs has classified>thread primary sources of gradual performance degradation on Windows computers, these are the problems that iolo Labs has discovered that significantly slow down your computer and decrease its responsiveness.

Some root problems are general knowledge among technical experts and have been served with tools included in previous versions of System Mechanic. However, others are more elusive and have only recently emerged as a result of complex changes in the way modern operating systems and programs work and integrate.

Whes focusing on these critical areas and using the options provided by System Mechanic in this article, you can reverse the digital aging process and experience obviously better overall performance and reliability on your computer. With this regular maintenance, your system and programs can be kept as fast and reliable as on the first day you used them.

Program misalignment

The symptoms: Your programs take longer to open and, once opened, respond more slowly. When you have multiple applications running at once, you experience crashes or failures.

The problem: Over time, the many interdependent files that make up a program tend to separate and be spread across the entire hard drive. This misalignment not only impacts the speed at which the programs operate, but also causes excessive hard drive movement, leading to unnecessary wear and tear of your hardware.

Available RAM impairment

The symptoms: Your computer becomes progressively slower during the day, even after you restart it. One or more of your biggest programs are frequently blocked. You often see low memory error messages.

The problem: When the memory is low, you may suffer everything on your computer. The two critical issues that reduce available RAM are: (1) fragmented memory, which occurs simply with regular usage, as we open, use and close programs, and (2) memory leaks, which occurs when a program does not release memory after it has been closed.

Traffic congestion at Windows startup

The symptoms: Your computer takes longer to start than usual, as much as 5 to 10 minutes (or more) in severe cases. When you start or restart your computer, you may see cryptic warnings or error messages.

The problem: Many applications and services are configured to start automatically when your computer is started. Some of your programs are essential and must be in the boot process, but many are not needed and create resource congestion that add more time to the start of your computer.

If you have any symptoms or problems do not hesitate to contact us to solve your problem.

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