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Evolutionary computer maintenance, what does it consist of?

In the computer world, you have surely heard of preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. The first is to carry out actions to ensure that computer incidents occur. The second is aimed at solving computer problems that have already occurred. So what is evolutionary computer maintenance?

This concept has to do with the evolution of computing. The replacement of old infrastructure, hardware and operating systems by newer, more modern and innovative systems.

What it is about is that your company can take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the market to have better computer systems.

Evolutionary computer maintenance, a must for your business

For your business computing to function well, it is not only necessary for each computer and each device to fulfill its function.

It is also important that you use the most appropriate combination of computer systems, networks, infrastructure and software to carry out the tasks you want to do. This implies taking into account evolutionary computer maintenance.

Suppose an entrepreneur calls us to fix a computer problem with his computers. Once we check it, we realize that the hardware it uses is very old and that if you want to be able to work comfortably with the programs you need, you should evolve to more modern systems.

Often times SMEs are not aware of new software. For this reason, many of the advantages that the market brings to those who are beginning to use more modern and advanced hardware devices or elements are lost.

In this line, what your company may need is computer support to be able to work in the best possible way. In this way, you will have precise solutions so that what you are looking for.

What do evolutionary maintenance tasks consist of?

Evolutionary maintenance tasks can be oriented in two directions:

Software upgrade or replacement – Suppose you are using inappropriate, outdated, or poor software to perform any task you need. Or your software may not be up-to-date, as is the case with many companies that continue to use systems such as XP or Vista. In this case, evolutionary maintenance consists of changing to new software, to more advanced versions.
Replacement of old equipment: Another element that evolutionary maintenance deals with is the replacement of old equipment and computer systems. We change old computers for more modern systems that can better respond to your needs.

What are the benefits of evolutionary maintenance?

One of the main advantages of evolutionary computer maintenance is that, in some way, it helps you to solve many computer incidents that are now occurring.

When we work with old hardware or software, due to many corrective or preventive maintenance actions that we carry out, in the end more computer problems will continue to occur.

It’s not about patching old technology, it’s about renewing and improving the technology you use to make it really fit what you need. Much of your productivity depends on technology, so taking evolutionary maintenance seriously is of great importance.

Sometimes investing in new computer systems is going to be much more profitable for you than continuing to try to maintain old and obsolete equipment, which no longer fit what you need. Keep in mind that technology evolves and companies must evolve with it.

Another advantage of evolutionary maintenance is long-term cost savings. New systems and new software allow us to make better use of time, gain productivity and reduce the costs derived from using a technology that no longer meets our requirements.

Online backup for companies, what advantages does it have?

Online backup systems for companies are of great importance to any SME.

Think about it carefully. Imagine that a computer virus was introduced into your computer and you lost all your data. What would you do if you don’t have a backup system?

Billing data, customer lists, product catalogs … Information that has taken years to accumulate and that has enormous value. Data on which the integrity of your company largely depends. Are you going to leave everything in the air so that any day a misfortune happens?

Being proactive is essential if we want to protect the data of our business. With an online backup for companies we can restore the information we need and when we need it.

The advantages of making an online backup with your company’s data

Backup to the cloud is enormously valuable. We show you some of its main advantages.

Economical price. You save a lot if you store the data from your backups in the cloud, instead of having to have dedicated servers to store the information.
Always protected data. If your data is stored in the cloud, you can restore it when you need it. If you are going to format the computer, or in case of any eventuality.
Fast and easy. You don’t have to worry about doing complicated things. The cloud is quick and easy, we use it every day, even without realizing it. Every time you look at your email in Gmail you are using software in the cloud. Why not also use data storage software?
Automated. You no longer have to be aware of backing up in the cloud for your company. The data is saved alone and in an automated way. Thus, even if there is a blackout and you did not have the saved data, the information will be in your online backup.
Protection for Windows and Android. You can protect both the data on your computers and your mobile. Your business information from the different devices you use may be stored in your cloud software.

Backup systems for companies

Not all online backup systems for companies are equally good. Companies accumulate large amounts of data. A product database can be enormously cumbersome.

The same if your company has years and years of work behind it: chances are, the information you accumulate is highly valuable and you cannot afford to lose it.

Do you not want to lose your data and you would not know what to do if that happened? Business backup systems are the solution.

Forget about storage disks and pen-drives. They are not the suitable solution because they can be broken, they can be lost or they can also be infected by viruses. It is better to be proactive and not risk the unpredictable in your business and then it is too late to act.

Cloud backups: pricing and information

The prices of business backup systems depend on the amount of space you need.

The more TB you need, the more you pay. So it is a system that adapts to you. You do not have to pay more for space that you are not using. You also won’t have to search for new storage systems once you run out of space, as you can automatically expand it.

At no time will you run out of online backups due to lack of space. Choose the tool that best solves your problem to make an online backup for your company.

Google Sandbox

What is the Google Sandbox and how does it affect you?

One of the concerns of those who create a web page for the first time is positioning itself fast in Google. The problem is that Google’s algorithm has its own system to prevent new websites from quickly occupying the top positions. This is what has been known as “Google Sandbox”.

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Although Google does not officially recognize the existence of the Sandbox, in practice it is a widely held opinion among SEOs. In this post we will explain basically what the Sandbox consists of and how it can affect your website.

What is the Google Sandbox?

The Sandbox is one of the most crazy elements that makes those who create a new web page crazy.

What is the sandbox? It is nothing more nor less than a system that puts your website in quarantine for a while to start giving it the positioning it deserves.

This is something that makes a lot of sense; It is about new newly created websites not ranking as fast or as well as older sites.

It is a way of predicting that the newly created pages are really serious and provide real content, so that the positioning does not rise to the top.

How does the Sandbox affect me?

The Sandbox can make your website, although it is well optimized for SEO, have good content and you have worked the internal link, it is not well positioned and it comes out on page 10 or lower.

If the website is new, that means you won’t have a lot of organic traffic at first. You will have to search for traffic by other methods until Google starts giving you the consideration you deserve.

Is there a way to exit the Sandbox?

This is undoubtedly one of the topics that most interest those who are concerned about the positioning of a new website. How to skip or exit the Sandbox as soon as possible to start positioning well?

The truth is that there is no foolproof formula, but we can apply certain tips that help us get out of here faster. How? These may be some methods.

Introduce social network traffic: spread the contents of your website with your social networks, mainly Facebook Ads. It will allow you to get social traffic and your page will begin to give interesting results in bounce rate (bounce rate), timing (time of the user’s visit), etc.
Create long tail content: Long tail content is content that has few searches, but generally has less competition. So it is easier to position there. Well, if you generate long-tail articles that answer user questions or concerns, you can get some traffic more quickly. Apart from that if they are useful content they may be more linked by other users, or shared on social networks.
Buy an old domain: it is not suitable in all cases, because if your website is the corporate name of your company, it will surely be a new domain. But if it is a different type of page, buying a domain that has already been used and has some authority will be easier than not being in the Sandbox.

Improve the positioning of your website

Above all, the important thing is to be patient and realize that we cannot play with Google. In the end, the one who does things well at the content level will get results; and the one that doesn’t, no.

In this sense, we recommend that you be careful with the SEO of your page. Some people, to try to get out of the Sandbox, put a lot of links to the new page so you can position. However, as they are unnatural links to a recently created website, it is easy for Google to detect it and it may penalize you.

If you need to improve the SEO of your website, we invite you to contact us. We will help you achieve results and improve the positioning of your page so that you can achieve more organic traffic and better position on Google.

Why delegate the computer maintenance of your business?

Some entrepreneurs may think that the computer maintenance of the company is only a cost. In theory, if things are done well, nothing should happen with the company’s computers or computer network. Why delegate computer maintenance then?

However, reality shows us time after time that delegating IT maintenance in the right hands is the best way for an SME to save costs and avoid headaches.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to do it all and you have problems delegating tasks and freeing up time in your schedule, we recommend that you continue reading.

The advantages of delegating tasks

Delegating tasks is one of the challenges of every entrepreneur. The more we delegate and automate, the better results we can achieve and the more free time we have to continue growing our company or to rest.

In this sense, the delegation of tasks to other professionals (also known as outsourcing) will help your company to not have to assume more costs than necessary.

What are the advantages of delegating functions to other companies or professionals?

  • Cost savings: you don’t have to hire the right professionals from scratch to take care of the maintenance of your servers, or manage your website.
  • Improving efficiency: when you hire new professionals, many times you have to dedicate some training or adaptation time to the company. This can be saved if you work with an external company that already knows what it does and has worked with other companies like yours.
  • Fewer mistakes: in any company, there are tasks that we do not know how to do. When we try to do them, we do them in a longer time than a professional, and yes, we make more mistakes. Do you know the consequences that this has in computer maintenance? Hours and hours of work lost, which basically is also money.
  • More time: An entrepreneur can’t be thinking about managing accounting, keeping computer maintenance, selling, and sweeping his office floor. You need to delegate the tasks that you cannot carry out, and also those that you can carry out, but they take away time for other more strategic functions.

tips to improve the performance of your PC

working with a computer optimally means that we have to pay attention to the performance of the PC. The first thing if we want to do something in our business has to be to optimize our work environment to

Companies may have difficulties meeting the needs of multiple computers in the company, which requires technical knowledge in computing and time that is not always available. In this article we give you some tips that can help you.

Tips to improve the performance of a PC

Some of these tasks may be a more optimal solution than buying a computer every time we see that it performs poorly, is very slow, or presents difficulties for the development of work:

  1. Check the running programs. Press control + alt + delete, go to the “processes” tab and check what is running. Sometimes the PC is slow because many applications are running at the same time and it may have little RAM. End the processes you don’t need.
  1. Eliminate viruses and Trojans. If viruses, Trojans, or spyware have entered your PC on occasion, it is likely to happen again. Get a good antivirus, do a scan and eliminate or put forty infections. If you have installed one that slows down your PC too much, consider getting another one that works better for you.
  2. Increase the RAM. Many computers were purchased when the business started and have not been updated since then. If you think there is no need to invest in new PCs, you should at least increase the RAM.
  3. Don’t work with very heavy programs. If your computer is not prepared to support the execution of certain programs, such as video, you can do several things. Change your video card and increase the RAM, or look for other software more adapted to the hardware you have.
  4. Clean your browser from trash. Many times what affects PC performance is only the plugins that have been installed in the browser, sometimes quite dangerous and sometimes just annoying. If you are not sure of the “toolbars” you have downloaded, go to Tools> Firefox Add-ons, or Google Chrome plugins, and delete what you don’t need.
  5. Use a less heavy operating system. Working with Windows Vista can be extremely uncomfortable on some PCs. If you have computers with this OS and 1GB of RAM, it is better to upgrade to Windows 7, or even go back to XP, which took less.
  6. Empty your PC. If you are covering all the available space on your hard disk, you will be taking out informational signs that there is no memory space. If you have problems saving files, you can save them in the cloud with a backup and then download what you need.
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